Entry #1

Hi Everyone!

2010-08-09 15:03:36 by Sayuri-Lilly

Hey peepz! I'm new to Newgrounds :D I'm just one of the gerzillion-million-trillion artists on the internets who loves to draw. Hope you'll like my upcoming submissions. Thanks for dropping by too!



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2010-08-09 15:07:26

Welcome to Newgrounds.

Sayuri-Lilly responds:

Thank you! :) Any tips or things I need to know about the website at all?


2010-08-09 16:24:20

Hello there! Your art is amazing!! *recommends to the Art Portal* :3

Sayuri-Lilly responds:

Wow thank you so much ^^ Means a lot!


2010-08-09 16:35:17

Yeah. Don't feed the trolls, just ignore em and you can check out the Help/FAQ section if you need help or something: http://www.newgrounds.com/lit/faq/

Sayuri-Lilly responds:

Hehe thanks I'll keep that in mind xP I was just reading through that FAQ just now too, sounds like a lot of fun!


2010-08-09 17:05:31

oh man, reading the faq sounds like so much fun

Also I offered to scout

Sayuri-Lilly responds:

Hey thanks! :D I read into the scouting stuff, seems pretty kewl! I accepted it anyways.


2010-08-09 17:39:13

Hello again. Have a comment. :B

Sayuri-Lilly responds:

Omg what a surprise! D:


2010-08-11 04:04:46

Your an amazing artist! I especially like it! :D

Sayuri-Lilly responds:

Aww thank you so much! I'm really glad you like everything ^^


2010-08-11 09:30:43

you are the best pokemon artist that I know, because everyone else just draws the game versions...just bigger. you gave them life and a story. hope you have fun here.

Sayuri-Lilly responds:

I've seen so many better Pokemon artists though @@ I'm still trying to aim for better. I'm really glad you like my work though, means a lot to know what everyone thinks =] I'm sure I'll have lots of fun here x3


2010-08-11 09:35:09

Oh, and safety dance by men who don't where hats....such a good song!

Sayuri-Lilly responds:

XDD I seriously love that song as well. Especially one of my favourite songs to play on Audiosurf :P


2010-08-11 10:46:08

Hello there. Just looked at your art, it's really good! Keep it up, and welcome. Can't think of any tips you'd need to know, it's pretty straight forward I think. Could you draw a Ralts sometime? It's an awesome pokemon.


2010-08-31 13:12:37

I love your style.
You should draw a Cubone


2010-08-31 14:17:40

Draw a articuno, about as cool as it gets (lol... pun)


2010-11-14 12:28:36

Your art style is really good, you should try and come up with some of your concepts instead of just drawing pokemon, I think that'd be a lot cooler.


2011-04-20 01:24:14

Welcome to newgrounds! I see you are greatly artistic. I wish you the best of luck ill be waiting untill more art comes out bye :3